Under the God (part 1)

Switzerland  ·  2019  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  87′  ·  o.v. Italian

During the workshop Mountains – Loneliness – Desire, held in Locarno last April, Béla Tarr picked fifteen filmmakers from around the world for a residency lasting around ten days in which to make a short feature. The result was the collective film Under the God, comprising the very different gazes of the young directors, who chose a variety of styles and formats: drama, thriller, documentary, even abstract parable. A re-interpretation of spaces in and around Locarno (city, cable car, Val Bavona, Corippo), seen from the perspectives of fifteen auteurs of the future.

DirectorsDino Longo Sabanovic , Ana Shametaj , Pier Lorenzo Pisano , Valentina Manzoni , Zhannat Alshanova , Ariel Gutiérrez FloresSalva Tinajero , Hayk Matevosyan , George Varsimashvili , Arthur Theyskens , Alex Takács , Naomi Waring , Grieco RafaelAnna Spacio , Giulio Pettenó

Supervised by Béla Tarr

Production CISA – Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive

Locarno Film Festival

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